Customer service is VERY important to me.

1 - Feel free to IM me anytime. My IMs do regularly get capped,

but they are ALL sent to my email, so I should get yours :-)  

2 - If you want to email me then ether click on the picture here ->

or just use

3 - When I am online, I usually have Skype turned on.  If you want

to message me there, or speak to me in person, please do. I am

called 'elgyfu' on Skype - surprise, surprise, hehe

4 - If you want to catch me in-game, please offer me friendship.

Then you will know when I come online.

5 - If you are happy with a product from Tin Teddy, I love to hear from you!    But if you are unhappy - then I particularly want to hear about it!   I will always do my best to sort out any issues that may arise.  So please don't hesitate to contact me :-)

I never refuse a friendship request.

I answer all emails and IMs as soon as I can.