My main store in Second Life is in Trabushkja.  You can go straight to it with this link:

Tin Teddy Store in Second Life

Or you can log in and use the links in my profile picks and classifieds.

I also have a shop in the beautiful Victorian lands of  Caledon.

Tin Teddy in Caledon Tamrannoch

In Inworldz I have a store in the beautiful sim of  Shoalwater Bay.

Tin Teddy Textures in Inworldz

I no longer have an actual store in Avination, but I do sell my textures and plants there - just IM me with details of what you require. The prices are the same there as in Second Life.

Nearly all my products are also available from my store on Marketplace SL.

You need to have an account in Second Life to be able to visit my store there or purchase any Second Life items.